Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Muirfield Group?

We are a small group of Central Ohio professionals who invest in real estate. Our commitment is to the Columbus metro area mostly Franklin County, and in an effort to be good members of our community, we don’t use aggressive sales tactics and nuisance advertising like robocalls, high pressure call centers or “we buy houses” signs. We strive to earn your respect and make every transaction a positive experience for everyone involved.

How do you come up with my offer?

We start by asking what you need. Beyond that, we will consider factors like location, necessary repairs, physical condition, and the value of comparable homes nearby. We will give you a fair price and try to identify a favorable option for everyone involved.

Where do you normally buy homes from?

From people and businesses who don’t want or don’t need to deal with the regular retail sale of a property and everything that goes along with it. We buy from people in every imaginable circumstance.

What do I need to do before you will give me a price?

A firm understanding of what you want to do. We go through a series of questions for your specific situation. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances and we help you identify a path forward for yours.

Will my privacy be protected?

Absolutely. We do not share or sell any personal information. Any questions we ask are to understand your situation better so we can make a fair offer and help you sell your home.

Do I have any obligations if I submit my information on your web form or over the phone?

You are under no obligation at all. It is always 100% your decision about whether you want to sell your property to us.

When will I get money?

The day we close on the sale of your home.

Where do I go after you buy my house?

We get this question more than you think. We can rent it back to you until you find a place to go or we can help you secure another property.